Microgreen Grow Kits

Growing your own microgreens is a great way to get fresh, nutritious greens all year round. And with easy grow kits now available, it’s easier than ever to get started. Kits come in all sizes, from small countertop setups to larger automated systems, making it easy to find one that fits your needs and space. Many kits also come with everything you need to get started, including seeds, soil, trays, and instructions. So whether you’re a first-time grower or an experienced green thumb, easy grow kits are a great way to get into micro-green growing.

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This is a tabletop product that only takes up 20 inches.

  • 🌱DESIGN AWARD AND VALUE FOR MONEY WINNER — ingarden is the winner of both the Red Dot Design Award 2022 and iF Design Award 2022. ingarden is the Top Smart Home Brand awarded by Computer Bild in 2022. 1st Place in Value for Money in the category Indoor Gardening.
  • 🌱ORGANIC SUPERFOOD — ingarden’s USDA certified organic superfood microgreens are vegan and contain essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that support your health, beauty, and immunity.
  • 🌱3 MICROGREEN SEED PADS INCLUDED — the ingarden growing kit includes 1 radish superfood, 1 broccoli superfood and 1 mustard superfood seed pad.
  • 🌱SUSTAINABILITY — ingarden has a stainless steel frame, a handcrafted ceramic bowl and uses recyclable, eco-friendly cardboard packaging instead of plastic. ingarden is a certified carbon neutral company.
  • 🌱AUTOMATED LED GROW LIGHT AND HYDROPONIC WATERING — ingarden’s energy-efficient and full-spectrum light system ensures perfectly balanced lighting for optimal plant growth and nutrient density. ingarden’s patent-pending, hydroponic watering technology enables you to grow autonomously.
  • Great product for a new grower, or a grower who travels allot and needs some automation.

This next growing system is entirely automated. It is run from an app on your phone For growers who want to produce a large number of plants with minimal time investment, an indoor grow system is the way to go. Indoor grow systems allow for year-round production, a controlled environment, and consistent results.

When choosing an indoor grow system, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide on the type of lighting you want to use. LED lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. However, they can be more expensive upfront. Second, you’ll need to choose a growing medium. Soil is the most common type of medium, but it can be more difficult to control the watering and nutrients. Hydroponic systems use a nutrient-rich water solution and can be easier to manage, but they require more attention. Lastly, you’ll need to consider ventilation and climate control. Indoor grow systems can produce a lot of heat, so proper ventilation is essential. Climate control will help to keep your plants healthy and prevent them from becoming stressed. By taking these factors into account, you can choose an indoor grow system that will meet your needs and give you the best possible results.

For those of us who do not mind the effort, enjoying the process is key to success with a growing system. The grow system recommended for this purpose is the 36-inch wide wire 5-shelf system with an adequate number of trays. This system will accommodate 12 trays per system. However, it is important to note that the success of this system will depend on the number of grow lights used. If you only have a few trays, then you may want to consider using fewer grow lights. Otherwise, you may find that your plants do not get enough light and they will not thrive. In addition, it is important to make sure that the trays are big enough to accommodate the roots of your plants. If they are too small, your plants will not be able to take advantage of all the nutrients in the soil and they will not grow as well. Overall, if you are willing to put in the effort, a 36-inch wide wire 5-shelf system with an adequate number of trays is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the process of growing their own plants.

This is the basic wire rack on casters for easy mobility. Trays come basically in two sizes. 7 inch by 10 inch and the most common for those who want larger crops, 10 inch by 20 in. These trays come with and without holes. You will need an equal number of both. You will also need extra no-hole trays regardless of what size.

example of the 7 inch by 10 inch.

An example of the 10 inch by 20 inch, this is the industry standard for those with a desire to grow and sell microgreens.

This is a tray with drainage holes.

This is a tray without drainage holes. You will need more of these trays than the ones with drainage holes. Here is why, once the seeds have germinated and you’re just starting to see the sprout, the best practice is to put a lid on the tray. The easiest way to do that is to flip a no-hole on top. especially for those microgreens that take a little longer to harvest. This gives your plants an opportunity to grow straight rather than leggy and crooked. The recommendation is at least half the number of trays again. The initial crop will most likely have every tray at the same point at the same time, but subsequent crops will grow at be at different points of growth.

About this item

  • Quantity 10 – Durable Plastic – NO Drain Holes
  • Perfect for use as a drip tray, hydroponic growing and seed starting
  • Approx: 21″ by 11″ (top measurement). 20″ by 10″ bottom of the tray – See product description below for precise measurements
  • Accommodates 20″ x 10″ Sure to Grow Hydroponic Grow Pads and Micro-Mats Perfectly
  • Reusable – Great for Greenhouse, Seedlings, wheatgrass, microgreens, and more.

The last piece of equipment needed to round out this basic but very reliable system is grow lights. Now that technology has progressed, the LED grow light is the way to go. They may cost a little more in the front end but will cost very little to run and can be bought in virtually any light spectrum you desire.

This grow light kit makes it so simple. Each light strip is 36″ which marries up to the shelving system perfectly.

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Barrina T5 Grow Lights, Full Spectrum, 3ft 128W (8 x 16W, 800W Equivalent), LED Grow Light Strips for Seed Starting, Plant Grow Shelf, Plug and Play, Easy Installation, Pink, 8-Pack

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4.6 out of 5 stars    22 ratings

5 answered questions

$74.99$74.99 ($9.37$9.37 / Count)

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  • 3ft-p
  • 3ft-w$74.99($9.37 / Count)
  • 3ft-y$74.99($9.37 / Count)
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Power SourceAC
MaterialTop quality Aluminum & superior PC
Switch Installation TypeSurface

About this item

  • Full Spectrum – Barrina T5 grow lights 3ft provide indoor plants with full-spectrum sunlight replacement. We provide the most reasonable grow light wave based on the ratio of the absorption of the plant
  • Super Bright and High PPFD- Grow lights for seed starting consume only 128W with 768 LEDs totally, replace 800W general plant lights. Over 95% light energy can be absorbed by plants. It is a great option for plants that in seedling, vegetative and flowering cycle
  • Easy Install – With included Double-sided Tape, clips, and cable ties, you could install the led grow light strips by yourself in minutes. Plug and play, and you could link up to 8 grow lights fixtures in a series, saving your installation cost and time
  • Separately Controllable – Each grow lamp has on/off switch on the surface of the housing, controlling the lights separately or together according to PPFD that plants need
  • What You Get – 2 years warranty. 8 x Barrina T5 Grow Lights, 4 x Power Cords with ON/OFF Switch, 7 x Connecting Cords(48”), 8 x Small Connectors, 16 x Installation Clips, 24 x Double-sided Tapes, 24 x Cable Ties

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