Microgreen! Greenhouse vs. Grow Lights

Microgreens are a type of vegetable that is typically grown indoors. They can be grown under fluorescent light, but many growers prefer to use grow lights or grow chambers. Grow lights provide a more intense light source, resulting in healthier plants. The other indoor option is growing in a greenhouse. Greenhouses have distinct advantages in controlling the growing environment. Growing microgreens outdoors is becoming more popular, as plants can benefit from natural sunlight. The biggest challenge with growing outside is not being able to control the humidity and sometimes excessive rain.

After some research, I found an interesting control study that took two different varieties of broccoli microgreen growing one pair in a greenhouse and the other pair under grow lights. The results were very interesting. First, I need to explain the two strains. One broccoli variety is called Mugnoli and the other is Natalino. Natalino is a typical commercially grown variety, and Mugnoli is a little harder to find, and I am in search of it. The Mugnoli showed 18% higher in polyphenols and antioxidants in the greenhouse environment. This is due to the higher PFFD ( photosynthetic photon flux density) . When exposed to a monochromatic blue light spectrum, they both showed a significant degree in microgreen yield to the tune of 13.5 % and 14.2 in polyphenois.

Agronomy | Free Full-Text | Effects of Greenhouse vs. Growth Chamber and Different Blue-Light Percentages on the Growth Performance and Quality of Broccoli Microgreens (mdpi.com)

I started growing under grow lights and had good success. Many growers have built large businesses in their basements and grow lights may be the best method for your situation I just found this study very interesting and hope it is helpful. Click the link above to review the study for your self. Be healthy and keep on growing.


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