Using Nutrients to Grow More Microgreens

While microgreens can be grown in a variety of mediums, including soil, hydroponics, and even paper towels, the use of nutrient supplements can help to produce a larger crop. By adding additional nutrients to the growing medium, plants are able to more efficiently access the resources they need to grow. This results in a higher yield at harvest time, which can be significant for commercial growers. In addition, nutrient supplements can help to improve the flavor and nutrition of microgreens, making them even more appealing to consumers.

There are many organic products on the market that can provide PH balanced nutrients. If you are lucky enough to have someone in aquaculture near you who replace 20 to 25% of the water every day, then that is a great source for these nutrients. However, if you’re like most people and this option is not available, consider a product called ocean solution. This product is derived from ocean water and is rich in minerals and other nutrients that can help promote plant growth. ocean solution can be applied directly to the soil or used as a foliar spray, and it is an ideal option for those looking for an organic way to add nutrients to their plants.

  • OMRI listed for Organic use
  • Complete Plant Nutrition – All 90 macro, micro, trace, and ultra-trace mineral nutrients
  • More Blooms, Greener Lawns, Bigger Yeilds, and Better Tasting Plants
  • Restores Depleted Minerals In Soils and Plants
  • Non-Toxic – Safe for Children and Pet

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