Getting Started is easy and inexpensive!

All you need to get started growing microgreens at home are three easy-to-find items. First, you need a shallow tray not more than 2 inches deep. Second, you will need a growing medium – I suggest typical garden soil. I use organic soil made for growing vegetables. and lastly, seeds of your choice. Microgreens are easy and cheap to grow and take up very little room, so they are perfect for small spaces. With just a little time and effort, you can enjoy fresh, healthy microgreens all year round.

Like I said earlier, when it comes to soil I go, for the most part, to my local garden store. however, I have used and found that microgreens grow easily in a product called coco coir. This product is pretty inexpensive and very easy to use. It is actually shipped in bricks that have to be broken up to use. They take a little to brake up, but take up a lot less space than a large bag of gardening soil and are less mess. There is a slight down side. I have found that my yield is a little less also. My last comparison was growing radish microgreens and the yield was down 22.5 grams in comparison to the typical soil. If you are growing specifically for your family and self the 22.5 grams is insignificant. If your planning to grow from a business, obviously that shortage adds up.

Creating and Growing


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